British Children’s TV: Too American?

Are children getting the programmes they deserve?

Answer: No. Yes, American children’s TV can be entertaining, but I don’t exist in America. Black kids exist. ‘Asian’ kids (East, not South. Sorry, my background is in the WRONG Asia!) exist. Hispanic kids exist. I do not.

Not that Britain ever did much better, you understand, but I am part of a much larger demographic here than I am in America, so the chances that I would eventually exist on British children’s TV if programme makers continued to progress and push boundaries is much higher than it is in America, where I am resigned to never seeing my face in a single film or television programme. Ever.

My younger sister is the target audience for Hannah Montana etc. and she laps it up. I am concerned that in a few years she will realise, as I did, that they are presenting her with a standard of “blondes have more fun!” that she will never, ever be able to meet. I wonder if she, like I, will feel that she must compensate for her lack of whiteness and blondeness by making sure she is at least as thin, smooth-skinned, fashionably dressed and well made-up as possible.


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