“London risks becoming a ‘brothel’ for bankruptcy tourists”? Really?

Sex work and corporate dealings: totally the same thing. At least, according to the Observer…

Britain is at risk of becoming the “insolvency brothel of Europe” as foreign companies are moving to the UK to go bust in order to take advantage of our insolvency system.

Richard Nevins, a restructuring partner at the law firm Cadwalader in London, said the main benefit for bankruptcy tourists is that it allows firms to get rid of certain types of troublesome creditors.

Companies such as Greece’s Wind Hellas, a telecoms operator, and Germany’s car parts maker Schefenacker briefly moved their headquarters to the UK to undergo a British administration procedure. Businesses need only be resident here for a few weeks, have a UK address and pay the lawyers’ fees.

“It’s like Nevada becoming the divorce capital of the US,” said Nevins, “and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it.”

Wait – was that a way to say exactly the same thing but without dragging the concept of sex work into it? “London is becoming the insolvency capital of Europe”? That is, they had an alternative, they used that alternative in the same damn article and still chose to go with sex work for a comparison? Even when the comparison is inaccurate?? After all, insolvency is not an illegal industry in the UK, and 18,000 bankruptcy tourists, some as young as 14, are not being smuggled into the country against their will to meet the needs of this black market trade.

“Sex sells” is neither excuse nor explanation. In the words of a campaign that has sadly closed now, the truth isn’t sexy. And in an ideal world newspapers should be about the truth, in every corner of their pages, not just in the body of their articles. Nice one, British press.


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